Consulting Services

Consulting Services

L-Soft offers comprehensive consulting services, providing your organization with in-depth customized assistance throughout the implementation cycle. L-Soft's consultants can help integrate our products and services with your existing systems to more effectively address your email needs and to produce measurable business results. Through needs assessment, planning, implementation, testing, optimization and troubleshooting, L-Soft's consultants will guide you toward meeting your email objectives and achieving your business goals.

L-Soft's consultants are available to work with you in person at your location, or remotely by telephone and email. Most consulting engagements can be completed remotely in half a day to two days.

Consulting and Installation Fees




$350/Hour (Minimum: 4 Hours)
$525/Hour (After Business Hours)

(If Necessary)

$450/Hour (Minimum: 8 Hours)

Plus all travel and accommodation expenses. Travel time to customer location is billed at $150/Hour.





On-site installation services will be charged at regular on-site consulting rates with an 8-hour minimum.

Training and Consulting Guide

The Training and Consulting Guide is available to download in HTML format. If you have any questions, or to request further information about consulting services, please contact us.

L-Soft Consulting

L-Soft Consulting


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