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EASE Maestro Hosting Service Replaces EASE Express

EASE Maestro EASESM Maestro is replacing the EASESM Express hosting service. The new EASE Maestro service is based on the LISTSERV® Maestro e-mail marketing software, which includes an easy-to-use Web interface that simplifies campaign management by guiding campaign administrators through every step of preparing e-mail messages for delivery. With EASE Maestro, you have complete control over your e-mail operations. You now have the ability to directly access the service 24 hours a day and to manage and track your e-mail campaigns at your convenience.

As an incentive for upgrading, we would like to offer our current EASE Express customers the chance to have their EASE Maestro hosting service set-up fee waived and receive one free hour of phone support to be used toward their EASE Maestro set-up if they act before March 30, 2003. The EASE Express service will no longer be available after that date. To upgrade, please contact or call 1-800-399-5449.

With EASE Maestro now you can:

  • Select a recipient list from a text file, previous mailing job or LISTSERV® list.
  • Have the software automatically interpret and parse the recipient list and eliminate duplicate e-mail addresses and those with syntax errors.
  • Use multiple message formats to craft your messages in text, AOL rich text, HTML and multi-part formats (HTML and text).
  • Personalize your messages by inserting customer information into specific areas within a message.
  • Create sender profiles to be used in subsequent mailings.
  • Determine whether the software will handle bounces automatically or send them to a specified e-mail address.
  • Track open-up and click-through rates.
  • Choose one of four levels of tracking: personal, anonymous, unique or blind. Each level retrieves a different degree of data about your recipients, ensuring appropriate levels of customer privacy.
  • View tracking reports in real time online or download them to an Excel spreadsheet or other third-party statistical software package for further analysis.
  • Integrate with Web tracking software to view click-stream activities.
  • More details about EASE Maestro

    To take advantage of EASE Maestro's waived set-up fee and receive one free hour of phone support for your set-up, please act before March 30, 2003.

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