LISTSERV at Work L-Soft
Issue 2, 2010


LISTSERV 16.0 Customer Spotlight: Carroll County Public Library

"At Carroll County Public Library, located in Maryland, we have been using L-Soft's LISTSERV® software for several years to improve communication among several groups in our local community, across the Maryland library community, and with our library customers.

Community service groups within Carroll County use LISTSERV to communicate with members about meetings and upcoming events, and the Carroll County Public Network uses the software to provide up-to-date network and administrative information to the partners who are building our County's fiber network. The Maryland library community uses LISTSERV to provide an efficient communication tool for committee members who are spread out across a large geographical area.

Carroll County Public Library has also used LISTSERV to communicate with library customers about upcoming events and to promote new items that have been added to its collections.

We are using LISTSERV 16.0 and have always been very pleased with the user-friendly administrative interface and the stability of the LISTSERV product."

Bob Kuntz, IT Manager, Carroll County Public Library, Maryland

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