Celebrate 25 Years of LISTSERV: Join the Online Party and Live Chat on September 15

Party Invitation

Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and LISTSERV® Inventor, and L-Soft staff worldwide cordially invite you to an online party with a live chat and videocast celebrating a quarter-century of the software that pioneered permission email list communication.

Here's everything you need to do to participate and party – LISTSERV-style.

What: LISTSERV 25th Anniversary Online Party and Live Chat

Who: You and LISTSERV enthusiasts and L-Soft staff around the world

When: September 15, 2011

9 AM PDT (West Coast US)
12 Noon EDT (East Coast US)
5 PM BST (United Kingdom)
6 PM CET (Continental Europe)

Where: Wherever you are

How: Celebrate online as an individual or organize a party by inviting colleagues, co-list owners, subscribers and friends, and tune in online from your party location at:


If you are unable to participate in the online party and live chat, please know that you are welcome to submit live chat questions in advance and to view the complete transcript after the event.

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