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LISTSERV Maestro 2.0-11 Released
L-Soft, Sane Solutions Partnership
LISTSERV, Maestro Tech Tips

APAPO Wins LISTSERV Newsletter Award
Nominate to the LISTSERV Choice Awards
LISTSERV/Maestro Offer Still Available

L-Soft Releases Upgraded
Version of LISTSERV Maestro


The next version of LISTSERV Maestro, 2.1, is currently in beta-testing. Even as the next major version is under development, minor updates continue to be announced. The latest minor update, 2.0-11, was released on November 9. Since LISTSERV Maestro 2.0 was first released in December 2004, several new features and bug fixes have been included in minor releases, for example a spam checking function and support for Mac OS X. These minor releases are only announced on the Product Update lists, so be sure to follow the link below to subscribe and stay up-to-date.

L-Soft and Web Analytics Vendor
Sane Solutions Enhance Partnership

Building on an existing partnership, L-Soft's LISTSERV Maestro was featured in an October 19 Sane Solutions press release among a handful of "best of breed" solutions that integrate with Sane's NetTracker Web analytics solutions. Previously, L-Soft and Sane Solutions co-developed a preliminary white paper demonstrating one of the ways that LISTSERV Maestro can be used in conjunction with NetTracker to evaluate overall campaign effectiveness. Look for updates on the partnership in upcoming issues of LISTSERV at Work.

Tech Tip

Q: How can I add a one-click unsubscribe link to the footer of my LISTSERV list postings?

Answer by Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft

Most LISTSERV list owners are interested in making it as easy as possible for subscribers to join or leave their lists. Thanks to the new Embedded Mail-Merge (EMM) feature of LISTSERV 14.4, unsubscribing from a LISTSERV list has never been easier. List owners can now easily add a banner to each list posting containing a Web link that subscribers may click to be automatically removed from the list – even if they don't know under what email address they're subscribed

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Tech Tip

Q: How can I put an unsubscribe link into my LISTSERV Maestro mailings?

Answer by Johannes Hubert
LISTSERV Maestro Project Manager,

If you keep your recipient lists as hosted lists in the Recipient Warehouse of LISTSERV Maestro, then including an unsubscribe link in a mailing to such a list is very simple. For this purpose, LISTSERV Maestro offers a special "system drop-in" called "*UnsubscribeURL" that you can simply include in your email message content.

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APAPO's PracticeUpdate Wins
LISTSERV Newsletter Award

L-Soft has selected the PracticeUpdate newsletter of the American Psychological Association Practice Organization (APAPO) as the LISTSERV Newsletter Award winner in the 2005-2006 LISTSERV Choice Awards. Distributed to 60,000 licensed psychologists and

LISTSERV Newsletter Awards

psychology graduate students who are preparing for practice, PracticeUpdate provides information and tools to help psychologists as they navigate today's increasingly complex and quickly changing healthcare system.

Submit Your Nominations to the LISTSERV Choice Awards

With the Newsletter and Discussion award winners announced, nominations are open in the two remaining categories of the 2005-2006

LISTSERV Choice Awards

LISTSERV Choice Awards. We welcome your nominations. Feel free to submit the same lists as last year or different ones to this year's award program.

LISTSERV Choice Awards Categories

LISTSERV Announcement Award
Deadline: December 1, 2005

LISTSERV Innovation Award
Deadline: February 1, 2006

Remember, self-nominations are welcome. Feel free to share this information with other LISTSERV list owners who you think would be interested.

Limited-Time Offer Still Available

With our special offer, valid until December 21, 2005, customers who purchase or upgrade to LISTSERV 14.4 with technical support will receive a free perpetual license to LISTSERV Maestro, L-Soft's premium email marketing software that allows you to manage, track and report on your email campaigns. The LISTSERV Maestro license is limited to 15,000 deliveries a month and valued at $1,500.


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LISTSERV®: The Trademark

Did you know that LISTSERV® is a registered trademark? Although it is a common mistake to use LISTSERV as a generic term to describe email list management software or email lists, the term LISTSERV® is registered to Eric Thomas, CEO and founder of L-Soft and creator of LISTSERV®, the original email list management software.

When using the term LISTSERV on your Website or other communications, please note it in the first mention as LISTSERV®. For subsequent mentions, it can be noted as LISTSERV.

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