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Issue 2, 2010
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L-Soft Emerges from Chapter 11
Upgrading to LISTSERV 16.0
Opt-in Email and Social Media
The Mailys: Last Chance to Nominate
Tech Tip: LISTSERV Maestro

LISTSERV at Work Editorial Note

In this issue, we provide easy how-to-upgrade steps for all customers to benefit from LISTSERV 16.0 and spotlights on how two customers are using the software. The Email List Guru shares insights on integrating social media with your email list and email marketing initiatives. Be sure to check out the final call for nominations to this year's LISTSERV Choice Awards – The Mailys. Don't miss the chance for your nomination to walk the virtual red carpet in this year's awards.


LISTSERV 16.0 Customer Spotlight:
Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA)

"The upgrade was absolutely painless. We had no problems getting things configured and, as a matter of fact, through our upgrade process, we found that our earlier instance was installed improperly, so this upgrade was a huge help in getting things running the way they were meant to be. The look of the application is very pleasing to the eye."


LISTSERV 16.0 Customer Spotlight:
Carroll County Public Library

"At Carroll County Public Library, located in Maryland, we have been using L-Soft's LISTSERV® software for several years to improve communication among several groups in our local community, across the Maryland library community, and with our library customers."


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Blogging Functionality
File Sharing
Subscriber Profiles
Social Media Integration
Calendar Feature

L-Soft Promo Update

L-Soft's brand new t-shirts are now in stock and being worn worldwide. Recipients of the first mailing included the "First Mover" promotion participants who upgraded early to LISTSERV 16.0 and the LISTSERV quiz winners. The newly arrived tote bags will be mailed to tote bag offer participants in coming weeks.

Exclusive LISTSERV Tote Bag

There's another easy way to get your factory-fresh L-Soft items. Nominate to the LISTSERV Choice Awards – The Mailys. Nominations close May 31, 2010, so please take a few seconds to nominate your favorite LISTSERV list today.


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L-Soft International Successfully Emerges from
Chapter 11 Protection

By L-Soft Staff

L-Soft International Successfully Emerges from Chapter 11 Protection

L-Soft international has successfully emerged from Chapter 11 protection. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland has ordered the case closed (Case 07-12173). Effective April 27, 2010, this final decree in the case confirms that the reorganization plan approved by the court last year is fully administered, concluding the software firm's Chapter 11 proceedings.

L-Soft international has continued normal business operations since its petition, filed three years ago to help resolve protracted litigation. L-Soft international's parent and sister companies in Sweden, Germany and the UK were dismissed from the litigation and had not been subject to any bankruptcy proceedings. The reorganization plan included a final settlement of the litigation.


Quick Guide: Upgrading to LISTSERV 16.0

By Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft


LISTSERV 16.0 introduces a host of new features, most notably UTF-8 support and a new HTML template gallery with ready-to-use, customizable newsletter templates. Upgrading LISTSERV is usually a quick and painless process. This quick upgrade guide will give you everything you need to know to get up and running quickly.


Ask the Email List Guru: Holistic Integration Approaches to Opt-in Email and Social Media

Q. What are some sound strategies for integrating my email list and email marketing communications with social media?

Answer by The Email List Guru

Email List Guru

While some tend to make comparisons between email list technology and the newer social media tools, there is little to be gained by taking a divisive, competitive view. Rather, as email list communicators and email marketers, we benefit – and we share those benefits with our subscribers – by taking a holistic and practical view of our efforts and opportunities.


The Mailys: Last Chance to Nominate to This Year's Awards

Ten Lists Battling for Top 3 Spots in Public Voting Stage

By L-Soft Staff

LISTSERV Choice Awards: The Mailys

LISTSERV at Work subscribers are encouraged to submit nominations to L-Soft's LISTSERV Choice Awards, also known as "The Mailys," for 2009-10. Now in its fifth year, the awards honor the most successful, beneficial and exemplary usage of email lists. All types of lists are eligible to participate, provided that LISTSERV or LISTSERV Maestro technology is used.

Ten lists are currently nominated and available for online voting until July 1, 2010. Nominations will remain open through May 2010, so please be sure to take a moment to nominate your favorite LISTSERV email list (including your own). Your nomination could be the one to walk the virtual red carpet in this year's awards.




Q: How Can I Use LISTSERV with SELinux?

Answer by Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft

Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is an increasingly popular addition to many Linux distributions. While it does contribute additional security mechanisms to LISTSERV's operating environment, it can also prevent LISTSERV from working without some additional configuration. This Tech Tip will outline how to add custom SELinux rules to allow LISTSERV to operate correctly on a server with SELinux enabled.


Tech Tip: LISTSERV Maestro

LISTSERV Maestro Tech Tip

Q: How Can I Let My Subscribers Decide When to Receive My Newsletter?

Answer by Ben Parker
Chief Corporate Consultant, L-Soft

Rather than trying to decide when is the most effective time to send your newsletter or other email messages, why not let your subscribers specify the time of day they would like to receive your email? Some studies have shown that this practice can produce a significantly higher click-through return rate. Obviously, if you are sending marketing emails this could be important, but even for a not-for-profit organization newsletter it is a value-added service to be able deliver emails when the recipient is ready to receive them. This can also be useful if you are sending emails to an international audience where recipients are in widely separated time zones.


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