Issue 1, 2021
In Case You Missed It: The Must-See Content of 2020
By L-Soft Staff

Miss out on some of the most recent LISTSERV tech tips and email industry articles in the blur that was 2020? Fear not – because we have you covered with a curated list of the year's most widely read and helpful content.
In Case You Missed It

Become a Maestro: Learn All About Profile Fields, Target Groups
By L-Soft Staff

Have you taken advantage of the new LISTSERV Maestro video tutorials? The weekly series now contains 12 tutorials about subscriber lists, profile fields and target groups. The next batches will focus on job management, team collaboration, reporting and analytics so be sure to bookmark the page.
Learn LISTSERV Maestro

Why should I restrict message size in LISTSERV and how can I best do this?
By Jacob Haller
Senior Support Engineer, L-Soft

It's common for people to use mailing lists to share attachments, and this doesn't usually cause any problems if the attachments are small and the mailing list has relatively few subscribers. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid, particularly if someone sends a very large attachment to a mailing list with a lot of subscribers.
Email How-To Tip
How can I allow my subscribers to choose between receiving HTML or plain text emails?
By Johannes Hubert
Senior Applications Programmer, L-Soft

For email newsletters and announcements, messages with HTML content have become a de-facto standard. Nevertheless, it's still a recommended best practice to include a plain text alternative version of the HTML content for those cases where subscribers are unwilling or unable to properly view an HTML email.

35 Years of LISTSERV: See Key Milestones and Best Practices
By L-Soft Staff

Did you know 2021 marks 35 years of LISTSERV? The software is one of a few rare applications to survive and thrive in the IT space for that long. We welcome you to view an interactive infographic with key milestones throughout the years, including the state of email today.
35 Years of LISTSERV

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