EmailLove: Why We ❤️ Email, Even After All These Years

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft


A Be@utiful Rel@tionship

Email tends to call for added forethought and care. This nurtures better connections and a more respectful and professional image with your recipients. The start of a beautiful relationship? Yes, indeed.

Spre@ding the Love

Not everyone has (or wants!) a Valentine, but more than 4 billion people communicate via email, more than on any other channel. Whether for business or personal messages, its built-in consent, security and unmatchable reach make us keep on choosing it.

Reli@ble + Trusted

Email is independent of any platform or corporation and downright trustworthy – sounds like the total package, right? Yep, email's still the one you can count on.

M@de to L@st

Despite social media, collaboration tools and other platforms competing for our attention, email is still the fave for marketers. Why? Because with its trustworthiness, reliability and results still going strong after all these years, our connection with email is truly made to last.

Peace, Love, Email ❤

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