4.1 Is LISTSERV accessible to the disabled?

4.2 License key not valid

4.3 Error updating file

4.4 Mail to LISTSERV returns "...no such user"

4.5 Bad return paths (like <@@somehost.com>)

4.6 Users getting duplicate mail from LISTSERV

4.7 Poor turnaround time

4.8 Complaints about EHLO

4.9 Not allowed to use inter-server DISTRIBUTE keywords


4.11 Error 2 occurs when trying to access archive notebooks via "wa" on Unix or Windows

4.12 Error 13 occurs when trying to access archive notebooks via "wa" on Unix or Windows

4.13 After deleting a list, LISTSERV says it can't find the list file

4.14 Changing the RFC822 From: header in list mail

4.15 Error "file/major entity not found" when posting to list

4.16 Can "MAIL FROM:<>" on admin mail be changed?

4.17 Can "L-Soft list server at [...] ([version number])" be removed?

4.18 How can a mail admin remove users from remote servers?

4.19 Case-sensitivity with regard to subscriber addresses

4.20 Can LISTSERV check for viruses?

4.21 Is there a way to strip attachments from list postings, or to simply reject postings with attachments?

4.22 ODBC error when using ODBC list

4.23 How do I delete a list?

4.24 Why is mail being held 10 minutes for new subscribers?

4.25 Who the heck is LVMON@VM.SE.LSOFT.COM and why is he asking my server questions???

4.26 How do license points work?

4.27 Mail sent to LISTSERV bounces with an Exchange error saying "user unknown"

4.28 Web-based bulk operations fail with error 2 or error 13

4.29 How to suppress summary of resource utilization in admin messages

4.30 Error message "NJE interface failed to initialize - aborting"

4.31 Can LISTSERV tell me if my mails are being received and opened?

4.32 Does LISTSERV properly handle Adobe Acrobat attachments?

4.33 LISTSERV Reporting Interface does not show data for <time period>

4.34 How to personalize the To: header?

4.35 Does LISTSERV support SPF/DomainKeys/DKIM?

4.36 Whitelists and blacklists don't work when enabled.

4.37 Why is IETFHDR incompatible with (for instance) subject tags?

4.38 Is there a LISTSERV patch for the DST start/end date changes?

4.39 What is the difference between "mail delivered" and "mail posted" in the LISTSERV log?

4.40 "Error X'0000006B' looking up LDAP account" thrown after first configuring LDAP via the web interface (15.5)

4.41 List messages received by Office 365 users contain "failed fraud detection" warnings

4.42 How to stop address rewriting like "0000003942b2b314-dmarc-request@EXAMPLE.COM"?

4.43 Securing the LISTSERV web interface with https

4.44 In 17.0 web interface, where is "Bulk Operations"?