2.1 Synchronization event error

2.2 Using POP or other SMTP server on Windows LISTSERV machine

2.3 Web archive searches/logins fail with a CGI error

2.4 Any service pack issues? What about .NET?

2.5 After applying upgrade LAK, LISTSERV fails to start and a Windows error is thrown

2.6 Windows error 2140 is thrown when attempting to start LISTSERV

2.7 Browser tries to open WA.EXE instead of executing it

2.8 Error 10053 appears in SMTPS#x log

2.9 Error "rename() failed: Permission denied" appears at the bottom of web interface pages

2.10 ODBC error "Data source name not found and no default driver specified" under Windows x64

2.11 Is Windows Server Core supported?

2.12 Could not open lock file, error 5

2.13 Services popup states LISTSERV service started then stopped, LISTSERV is not running

2.14 Windows "Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly" after upgrade; LISTSERV not running