1.1 All LISTSERV files under unix MUST be named in lower case

1.2 Solaris 'make' not found

1.3 LISTSERV crashes and dumps core

1.4 LISTSERV crashes and doesn't dump core

1.5 Can't create listserv.PID

1.6 Failed calls to fopen()

1.7 Mail to a list returns "...no such user"

1.8 Error 2 occurs when trying to access archive notebooks via "wa" (unix only)

1.9 "wa" is unable to find template "LISTSERV-HOME" or similar (unix only)

1.10 Mail sent to LISTSERV or to lists never gets processed (or gets processed on the hour)

1.11 Mail sent to a list is returned with "unknown mailer error 137"

1.12 Error: "sh: lsv_amin not available for sendmail programs" is returned when mail is sent to LISTSERV or to a list

1.13 "Cannot bind to local host, port 2306" on LISTSERV restart

1.14 'make install' fails with error "mkdir: "/home/listserv": Operation not applicable"

1.15 'wa' requests are very slow when LISTSERV is busy

1.16 listserv.log filling up with "-> XMRG FROM:" messages (unix specific!)

1.17 Old *.mail files containing "XMRG FROM:" in ~listserv/spool seem to be slowing things down (similar to 1.16 but nothing in the log)

1.18 "Unspecified error (111)" when LISTSERV starts and queued mail goes nowhere

1.19 Automatically "rotating" the LISTSERV console log

1.20 "451 4.1.8 Domain of sender address xxx@xxx.com does not resolve" appears in listserv.log and mail is not going out

1.21 Newly-installed LISTSERV does not start but exits immediately to shell prompt when invoked.

1.22 LISTSERV for  Linux can't find the correct LDAP libraries.

1.23 LISTSERV server dashboard reports wrong version