This was a documented restriction of the ‘wa’ interface; web-based searches won’t work because the Windows 95 operating system doesn’t implement named pipes. If you need to be able to search archives via the web, we suggest an upgrade to a modern Windows operating system and LISTSERV Classic (Lite does not support the SEARCH command or web searches).  L-Soft also has several hosting solutions available, ranging from hosting a single list to a full hosted LISTSERV site branded with your own domain and logos.

Please note that sending "SEARCH" commands via mail works fine on LISTSERV Classic for Windows 95.

(This restriction was removed in LISTSERV 1.8d.)

That said, if you are still running the LISTSERV Shareware on Windows 95 or Windows 98, you are very brave.  Again, we recommend either switching to a hosted solution or upgrading to a non-shareware version of LISTSERV that will run on a newer Microsoft OS.