Note:  Change-logging is not available in LISTSERV Lite.

LISTSERV's reporting interface is based on the existence of changelog data for the time period you have chosen.  LISTSERV's change-logging feature is not enabled by default because changelogs take up quite a bit of space, and even when changelogs are enabled, they may be set to automatically rotate after a particular interval.

If changelogs are enabled with rotation, and a changelog or changelogs exist for the time period in question, it is possible to download the changelog(s) and post-process the data in Excel or with a custom script.

For more information on the list-level changelog feature, see the Change-Log keyword documentation, and 19.6 Change Logs in the Site Manager's Manual.

For more information on site-level changelogs, see the SYSTEM_CHANGELOG site configuration variable as well as the previously-mentioned section of the Site Manager's Manual.