How do LISTSERV's license points work? For instance, if I have a 10 point LAK (UNITS=10), why can't I make 10 lists? Isn't it one point per list?

This question applies only to sites that have graduated LAKs. If your LAK has "UNITS=0" then it is non-graduated (i.e., unlimited capacity).

The answer to the question is, "it depends". With a 10-point LAK you can make 10 lists as long as they have 150 or fewer subscribers each. But if you have lists larger than 150 subscribers, you start using multiple points per list. The subscribers-to-points scale is as follows:

If you have this many subscribers on a given list:

then you need this many points for the list:

0 - 150


151 - 300


301 - 500


501 - 1000


1001 - unlimited


Thus if you have a list with 141 subscribers, a list with 673 subscribers, and a list with 2530 subscribers, you need a total of 10 points (1 + 4 + 5) to run the lists, and if you have only a 10 point LAK you will not be able to make more lists unless you purchase more capacity.

Note: This scale does not apply to sites that have LAKs with SCOPE=PERLIST, in which case one list == one point regardless of size.

If you do not know how many points you currently have in use, you can issue the command SHOW POINTS ALL to get a detailed breakdown.