When trying to access an ODBC list (for posting, admin, etc.) I get a message back that says something like

Serious error occurred - traceback follows          


>>> Error X'0100003B' opening DBMS list <<<        

-> Severity: Error                                  

-> Facility: DBMS interface                          

-> Abstract: SQL error

Whenever you see the above SQL error you must look in the LISTSERV console log for further information. There are usually 1-3 more lines found there which report the exact nature of the SQL error.

Note that should your ODBC source disconnect for any reason while LISTSERV is running (ie you stop and restart your DBMS), ODBC does not currently have any way to inform LISTSERV of this and LISTSERV may have to be stopped and restarted in order to reconnect.

If there is a question about what SQL commands LISTSERV is sending, you can ask LISTSERV to trace the commands to the log by adding


to the site configuration file and stopping and restarting LISTSERV. It is also a good idea to trace ODBC itself by turning tracing on in the ODBC control panel.