I get the error "file/major entity not found" when posting to my list, e.g.,

An error occurred  while logging mail to the archives  of the TESTLIST list.  

An incomplete copy of the message might  be present in the archive file. The  

list is being held to prevent further occurrences of this error. Please take  

corrective action  and issue  a "FREE  TESTLIST" command  when you  want the  

message to be reprocessed.                                                    

Serious error occurred - traceback follows


>>> Error X'00000011' opening file /home/listserv/lists/testlist/testlist.log9805 <<<

-> Severity: Warning

-> Facility: Generic error codes

-> Abstract: File/major entity not found

-> I/O mode: Record write

This means that the directory you specified in the Notebook= list header keyword does not exist. For security reasons, LISTSERV does not create notebook archive directories for you, you must manually create them using your OS-specific directory creation command. LISTSERV will not complain if the directory does not exist when you initially create the list, but will issue this error the first time you try to post to it.

(Note that LISTSERV will create the Notebook= and web directories for you if you create the list from the web interface and check the appropriate boxes for that purpose.)