I've installed the 'wa' interface on my unix or Windows LISTSERV server. When I try to view the archives for the test lists I've created, I get the following message:

The archive files could not be accessed, probably because they are being updated. Please try again in about 30 seconds, and report the problem if it persists for more than a few minutes. The file that could not be opened is 'C:\LISTSERV\ARCHIVES\MYLIST-L\MYLIST-L.LOG9903' and the error code was 13.

This error indicates that the web server's startup user (ie, the userid under which the web server is running on your machine) does not have read access to the LISTSERV notebook logs for the list in question. Check the file access permissions on the notebook logs. Specifically for IIS under Windows, you must ensure that the IUSR_xxx user (or equivalent in newer versions of IIS) has read access.