(This is similar to but distinct from 1.7.) I've installed the 'wa' interface on my unix or Windows LISTSERV server. When I try to view the archives for the test lists I've created, I get the following message:

The archive files could not be accessed, probably because they are being updated. Please try again in about 30 seconds, and report the problem if it persists for more than a few minutes. The file that could not be opened is: 'A\mylist-l.log9708' and the error code was 2.

The problem is that the file is really there, and as far as I can tell it has the proper permissions.

This is a documented restriction of the 'wa' interface. Lists that appear in the 'wa' interface must have a full path specified in the "Notebook=" list header keyword. Note that we generally don't recommend putting list archives in the "A" directory for security reasons (and also to keep things from getting cluttered up). We recommend making a directory such as /home/listserv/lists (unix) or C:\LISTSERV\LISTS (Windows) and then making a separate sub-directory under that for each list you have. As an example, under Windows you could have C:\LISTS\MYLIST-L for the list in question and your "Notebook=" setting would be something like

* Notebook= Yes,C:\LISTS\MYLIST-L,Monthly,Public

To fix this, you must not only provide the full path in the "Notebook=" keyword, but you must also go into the directory you created for the list in the web server's /archives hierarchy and delete all of the MYLIST-L.IND* files so that LISTSERV can rebuild them. You should also delete the /archives/MYLIST-L.HTML file so LISTSERV can rebuild that as well. Then either PUT the list header or stop and restart LISTSERV to make it rebuild the 'wa' files.