You may encounter a Windows system popup that looks like this:

Please be aware that this popup contains absolutely no information that can assist L-Soft in resolving the problem.  

However, in the vast majority of cases, this popup appears when LISTSERV tries to start and does not have a license available that is sufficient for its use.

For instance, if you apply a LISTSERV version upgrade before applying the correct product LAK, or if your maintenance has expired prior to the build date of the new version, LISTSERV will start, note that it does not have a sufficient license present, and shut down.

You can determine if this is simply a license problem by checking the LISTSERV console log, which is usually found in the \LISTSERV\LOG directory on the drive where you've installed LISTSERV.  If it is, and you have the newer license(s), simply apply it by following the instructions in the license file, then restart LISTSERV.

If you do NOT have the newer licenses, please contact your L-Soft Sales Representative (or if you do not know who your sales representative is).  The Support Department cannot provide LAKs – for this, you must go through Sales.

If the log suggests that something other than a license issue is causing the start and stop behavior, please send the following to support:

The log file

Your site.cfg and sitecfg.file files from \LISTSERV\MAIN

There is no need to send a screen shot of the error dialog as, again, it contains nothing that can be used to resolve the problem.