I've installed the 'wa' interface on my unix LISTSERV server. When I try to view the archives for the test lists I've created, I get the following message:

The archive files could not be accessed, probably because they are being updated. Please try again in about 30 seconds, and report the problem if it persists for more than a few minutes. The file that could not be opened is: 'archives/test/test.ind9707' and the error code was 2.

The problem is that the file is really there, and as far as I can tell it has the proper permissions.

Error code 2 under unix usually means "file or directory not found". Thus the most likely explanation for this is that you have not created the file '/etc/lsv-wa.config' as outlined in the Web Archive Interface installation instructions. The clue here is that the error message does not show a full path to the test.ind9707 file, meaning that 'wa' is trying to look for the index file in the relative path 'archives/test' instead of looking for it in the full path, which on some servers might be '/var/www/html/archives/test' . The solution is to create the file /etc/lsv-wa.config per the instructions for installing the 'wa' interface.