After upgrading, the server dashboard says we are still running the older version we replaced

This is a display issue only, due to old WA cache files still hanging around after the upgrade.  It does not affect LISTSERV operation and you can ascertain that you are running the version you installed by issuing a SHOW LICENSE command to the server.

The display issue is, however, easily fixed.

In LISTSERV's site configuration go.user, there should be a setting named WWW_ARCHIVE_DIR that points to a particular location on the LISTSERV server. Inside that location, check to see if it contains a file called system.wwwtpl. If the file exists, delete it.  It is not used by current versions of WA, but it will be read in like any other template file when WA executes, if present.

Also in the WWW_ARCHIVE_DIR location, there should be a subdirectory named 'upload'.  There may be one or more files in this location whose names begin with 'LICENSE' or 'RELEASE'.  If so, delete them.  In addition, any file in that directory that has a mixed-case filename may be safely deleted.  Such files were written by older versions of WA and because of their mixed-case names, cannot be automatically deleted by LISTSERV's upload directory cleanup process.

After deleting any of the above-referenced files, restart LISTSERV.  That should rebuild the web interface files and fix the version display issue; if not, please contact support and we will help you resolve the problem.