Any files that you create that you expect LISTSERV to be able to see and take action on MUST be created with lower-case filenames.  LISTSERV assumes that all of its files under unix are named in lower-case, in order to avoid case-sensitivity issues inherent in the unix file system.  This includes files that you may edit by hand, such as the go.user file, or the license.merge file when you install a new license.  It also includes list files and notebook archive files you might migrate from a non-unix host, where those files are usually named in upper case (although under Windows, for instance, files may be named in any combination of case).

If you find exceptions to this rule (for instance, HPO-licensed servers will have an HPO.dat file in the web interface's /archives/upload directory, and LISTSERV writes its parent process ID to spool/listserv.PID), they are LISTSERV-maintained files that LISTSERV knows how to deal with.