When installing listserv, 'make install' fails with an error like this:

# /usr/ccs/bin/make install

if [ `whoami` = listserv ]; \

then umask 066;mkdir -p /home/listserv; \

else su listserv -c "umask 066;mkdir -p /home/listserv"; \


mkdir: "/home/listserv": Operation not applicable

*** Error code 2

make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `/home/listserv'

It is our understanding that this only happens when attempting to install LISTSERV to a directory on an NFS share. Changing the LSVROOT macro in the Makefile to point to a directory on the local disk should solve the problem. (If you change LSVROOT from the default and are planning to use the precompiled binaries, be sure to read the appropriate sections of the installation guide pertinent to using the precompiled binaries in a non-default environment, particularly with regard to making sendmail aliases for LISTSERV and your lists.)