When we send mail to LISTSERV or to a list, the mail either is never processed or is processed only on the hour.

Normally this is due to not having the permissions and/or ownership set correctly for the lsv_amin program. lsv_amin must run 'suid listserv', which means it must have permissions 4755 and be owned by 'listserv'. If the mail is never processed, lsv_amin is probably not owned by 'listserv', meaning that it is creating .job files in the LSVSPOOL directory that LISTSERV can't read because the 'listserv' user doesn't own them. If the mail is being processed only once each hour, the suid bit is probably not set for lsv_amin, which makes it impossible for lsv_amin to send a "wakeup" call to LISTSERV so that LISTSERV will process the mail in its spool. For what it is worth, this may indicate that lsv_amin was copied by hand into the BINDIR directory rather than being put there by 'make install' or 'make update'. 'make update' or 'make install' should set the ownership and permissions properly, assuming that you are logged in as 'root' when you run them.