Obtain a list of commonly-used LISTSERV commands. Also explains how to get the comprehensive reference card and tells who the (non-hidden) server manager(s) are.

Info [<topic | listname>]

Order a LISTSERV manual, or get a list of available ones (if no topic was specified); or get information about a list. For Info listname, the text in the INFO template form of listname.MAILTPL is used; however, if listname.MAILTPL does not exist or does not contain an INFO template form, the INFO template form of DEFAULT.MAILTPL is used.

Note:  This command is functionally obsolete, as the default help files now contain only links to L-Soft’s online documentation.

Query File fn ft [filelist] [(option]

Get date/time of last update of a file, and GET/PUT file access code. The single option is:


Get additional technical data (useful when reporting problems to experts

This command is fully-featured on z/VM only.  On the unix and Windows ports of the software, the (FLAGS option is ignored.


Find out who maintains the server, the version and build date of the software, and the version of LISTSERV’s network data files.

SHOW [function]

Display information as follows:

ALIAS node1 [node2 [...]]

BITNET nodeid to Internet hostname mapping


Statistics regarding DISTRIBUTE


Hardware information; what sort of machine is LISTSERV running on?


License/capacity information and software build date

LINKs node1 [node2 [...]]

Network links at the BITNET node(s) in question

NADs node1 [node2 [...]]

Addresses LISTSERV recognizes as node administrators for the specified site(s)

NODEntry node1 [node2 [...]]

BITEARN NODES entry for the specified node(s)

NODEntry node1 /abc*/xyz

Just the ':xyz.' tag and all tags whose name starts with 'abc'.

POINTs <ALL | list1 [list2...]>

Graduated (LISTSERV Classic) license point information.  This information can help you plan orderly expansion of your site if you are running with a graduated LISTSERV Classic license.  Under Lite, this command shows Classic point usage.


Usage statistics for the server (this is the default option)


Same output as the RELEASE command

If no function is specified, the output is per SHOW STATS.

The following options are available for z/VM servers only:


Statistics about the BITEARN NODES file

DPATHs host1 [host2 [...]]

DISTRIBUTE path from that server to specified host(s)


Full DISTRIBUTE path tree


List of fixes installed on the server (non-z/VM, see SHOW LICENSE for build date)


Statistics about the NJE network

PATHs snode node1 [node2 [...]]

BITNET path between 'snode' and the specified node(s)