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Table of Contents

Preface - About This Manual
Editorial Note - New Version Numbering
LISTSERV Command Syntax Conventions
Unicode (UTF-8) Support
Contacting L-Soft
Section 1 About Mailing Lists and LISTSERV
1.1 What is LISTSERV?
1.2 File Server Functions
1.3 Who are the people involved?
1.4 Types of Mailing Lists
1.4.1 One-Way Announcement Lists
1.4.2 Two-Way Discussion Lists
1.4.3 Moderated Lists
Section 2 Introduction to the Web Interface
2.1 The Default Home Page
2.2 Logging In
2.3 Setting a LISTSERV Password
2.4 Changing the LISTSERV Password
2.5 Using the Toolbar
2.6 Setting Your Personal Preferences
2.6.1 General Preferences
2.6.2 Archive Preferences
2.6.3 Report Preferences
2.6.4 Newsletter Profile Preferences
Section 3 Working with Mailing Lists
3.1 Finding a Mailing List using CataList
3.1.1 Searching for a List
3.2 Communicating with LISTSERV
3.2.1 Using the Web Interface
3.2.2 Using Email
3.3 The Subscriber’s Corner
3.3.1 Subscribing to One or More Lists
3.3.2 Unsubscribing from One or More Lists
3.3.3 Changing Subscription Settings
3.3.4 Changing Subscription Options for a Specific List
3.4 Verification and Confirmation Messages
3.5 Sending Mail to a List
3.5.1 Using the Web Interface to Post a Message
3.5.2 Composing the Message Using the HTML Editor
3.6 Using Email to Post a Message
3.7 Creating Customized HTML Newsletters
3.7.1 Selecting a Template
3.7.2 Defining the Content
3.7.3 Fine Tuning the Newsletter
3.7.4 Testing and Sending the Newsletter
Section 4 Viewing the List Archives
4.1 The Server Archive Index
4.2 Viewing List Archives
4.3 The Archive Index
4.4 Viewing an Archived Message
4.5 Subscribing, Unsubscribing, or Updating a List from the Archives
4.6 UTF-8 Archive Searches Known Issues
Appendix A: LISTSERV Commands
General Commands
List Subscription Commands
Other list-related commands
Informational commands
Commands Related to File Server and Web Functions
Other Advanced Commands
List Owner and File Owner Commands
File Management Commands (for file owners only)
List Management Functions
LISTSERV Maintainer Commands
Commands for LISTSERV on VM Servers Only
Sending commands to LISTSERV
Defining Personal Passwords

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