Case Studies: Marketing with Ray

Marketing with Ray

Ray Jutkins is a direct marketing powerhouse who works with business-to-business and consumer clients throughout the world, including North America, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, and Africa. Ray has been selling since age 12; his involvement in direct marketing has spanned four decades. He created "integrated" marketing and sales programs before it became mainstream. He is the 1999-2000 winner of the Arizona Direct Marketing Association's Lifetime Achievement Award. Today, Ray has naturally gone to the next level, sharing Web marketing ideas with audiences around the world. And as to be expected from him, his lessons are based on his own experiences and those of his clients.

"I didn't know what I was missing until I learned what L-Soft offers. Now I know. And I'm not moving!"

Ray gives marketing workshops about 100 times a year and has done so in 46 countries and six continents. He spends more time on the road working with clients than in the office. The results of his vast experiences are published in Magic Marketing Minutes and Power Direct Marketing, his widely read books on marketing strategy and planning. He has written more than 300 articles with worldwide circulation for newsletters and business, marketing, and sales periodicals. In 2001 he recognized the need for a weekly email newsletter and implemented L-Soft's EASESM list hosting service to manage his POWERDIRECTMARKETING e-zine, which has grown to almost five hundred subscribers.

"The need to reach out for new business and to stay in touch with current customers is the simple reason for my weekly marketing and sales e-zine," Ray Jutkins said. "It can be very time consuming to prepare a weekly communication – yet, it is also the most efficient way to stay in touch. The reason for the e-zine has not changed but if anything, it has become a more important method for communication. I get my subscribers at seminars, trade shows, as the result of a telephone conversation, or some other sort of one-on-one contact. I've gotten a positive response from the beginning, and it has added to my credibility to have an email list. I have a fair number of international readers, mostly in Europe and Asia. I would prefer ten thousand subscribers versus under one thousand, but I have not yet made the jump from soft promotion to acquisition of opt-in lists."

Case study written in March 2004, with the help of Ray Jutkins.

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