Sharpen Your


You'll Learn How To:

  • Configure email lists of all types
  • Manage discussion groups, communities, newsletters and announcements
  • Design email templates with your own logos and branding
  • Create forums and blogs with private or public archives
  • Set up automated confirmation, welcome and farewell messages
  • And much more ...

Advance Your
LISTSERV® Maestro Skills

Learn LISTSERV Maestro

You'll Learn How To:

  • Manage subscriber lists and target groups
  • Create user accounts and collaborate in a multi-user setting
  • Work with email content, templates and landing pages
  • Measure, analyze and optimize email performance
  • Work with A/B-split testing, automation and drip campaigns
  • And much more...


About the Email Communication Courses

About the Email Communication Courses

The free LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro email communication courses validate your expertise and operational knowledge as an email list specialist. Successfully completing these courses demonstrates your proficiency in email list management and your ability to excel at key email specialist tasks.

Who Can Participate

While the courses are designed with L-Soft customers in mind, we welcome participants of all skill levels. Everyone, regardless of their roles, can reap the benefits of learning how to better take advantage of the LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro email communication platforms for their organizations.

What to Expect

  • Participation is free
  • You can take the courses anytime
  • You'll delve into knowledge in distinct modules
  • Each week, you'll receive a short email with a link to a group of short video tutorial on key tasks and topics
  • You can complete each weekly segment in 15-30 minutes or less
  • After completing each of the modules, you'll receive a module-specific certificate
  • Upon completion of all modules, you'll receive diploma to share with your colleagues, post to your LinkedIn page and include on your résumé

Navigating Your Email Communication:

Step 1

1. Sarah, a diligent professional who manages email communications for her organization, has been using LISTSERV for some time. LISTSERV has been an ideal choice, particularly for managing discussion groups and announcement lists. It's perfect for facilitating conversations and announcements within her team or with a specific group of subscribers.

Step 2

2. However, as her organization grows and diversifies, Sarah has recognized the need for more than just discussion groups. She's beginning to appreciate the importance of email marketing and the power it holds for reaching out to a broader audience, conveying messages with precision and measuring the impact of her campaigns.

Step 3

3. This is where LISTSERV Maestro comes into play. It offers advanced tools for creating, managing and tracking email marketing and outreach initiatives. LISTSERV Maestro empowers Sarah to segment her audience, personalize her messages and conduct A/B-split testing to optimize her campaign effectiveness. With features for email marketing automation and detailed analytics, LISTSERV Maestro aligns with Sarah's new goals for expanding her organization's reach and engagement.

Step 4

4. Sarah is now presented with a choice, which depends on her organization's specific needs. While LISTSERV is ideal for managing discussion groups and maintaining constant communications, LISTSERV Maestro provides the robust capabilities required for executing successful email marketing and outreach campaigns. Opting for versatility, Sarah decides to use both LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro. This smart combination ensures her organization's communication goals are met comprehensively.



  • LISTSERV is the pioneering email list management software, in constant development for 35 years and counting, helping organizations like yours communicate with your audiences.
  • LISTSERV is known for its reliability, scalability and security and is the trusted choice of education, government, corporate and non-profit customers around the globe.
  • LISTSERV helps keep people and communities connected, while growing your networks and relationships.

Learn LISTSERV Maestro

Why LISTSERV Maestro?

  • LISTSERV Maestro is a versatile enterprise platform for email marketing, engagement and outreach communications, helping organizations like yours connect with your audiences.
  • LISTSERV Maestro is known for its flexibility and customizability and is used by education, government, corporate and non-profit customers around the globe.
  • ​LISTSERV Maestro helps keep teams and networks engaged, while boosting audience relationships with outreach campaigns.

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